10 Business Lessons – john de titta

Encourages others to share start-up stories lessons not learned in school in forum.

Starting a business takes many pieces to come together. The process begins with the founder who has to have the confidence and energy to make it happen and their ideas formed, and then put into implementation.

Ten Lessons learned has been launched to help address and prepare for the startup lessons that are overlooked many times.  A great idea is just the beginning, there has to be a marketing plan, business plan, legal structure, accounting and many additional preparedness that are many times overlooked by the creative mind that starts the business.

The lessons can be found on http://www.johndetitta.net and additional lessons from other entrepreneurs are encouraged through the forum available.  It’s a positive forum for those starting a business and those who have been through the process and learned.

“I created johndetitta.net ten lessons learned as a insider look at things that can happen with a business not usually learned in the classroom.”John  DeTitta, the creator explains. “It took me twenty years of great ideas and start-ups to finally get it right and I simply wanted to share what I learned with other entrepreneurs to help them in their journey”


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