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Those Three Words!

I read the words over and over again, “The Nation was built on Failure”, I then looked at the person who wrote it and recognized his name he was famous, he was successful what was he talking about?

After reading more books on the subject I found the same again and again saying the same claim. “The Nation was built on Failure”… Wow, then it all made sense to me and I helped build the Country.

What they said makes 100% sense now, look at anything, sports, education, business, inventors, space travel all of them require failure in order to have success. They said Thomas Edison tried about 100000 times before he got the light bulb right… makes you think what made him say after 99,999 “One more try” Do you think he had a bunch of friends around him saying ” Your nuts, go get a regular job” probably.. he knew that one day he would get it right.

It wasn’t till July of 2008 did I realize that failure is never the word for anything we go through, it’s only a failure if we don’t learn from it. I’d rather change it to lessons. Thomas Edison had 99,999 lessons until he learned to get it right.. In my life I had many, many lesson until I figured it out and I gave many, many lessons to other people.

Dude, this site isn’t about me, its about helping you from lessons I learned. The key to success is learning from other people so you don’t have to experience the lessons they do. It puts you way ahead of them on the timeframe for success.

I created some sites that I hope will help people out, working on a movie and more important then all of that is giving you some insight if your going to start a business or really the same philosophy works on just about any life issue.

You see, you gotta fail (learn a lesson) then you gotta get up, you gotta have someone scream in your ear “NEVER QUIT” because then you get to think and learn and adjust and come back better then before. That sometimes in your life you get knocked down to learn something because you don’t listen to what people are telling you nicely, and if learn you grow, and if you grown you achieve and start become whatever you were made to be.

Its kind of like we are now in America we hit a bump and we will get through it fine, no need to stop, no need to quit, just adjust, learn lessons, bring in more then you spend, motivate rather then destroy, reward creativity and ingenuity and compassion.

In the present economy with all the job changes many people will look to starting their own businesses to earn an income. My goal of this site is simply to give some insight on some valuable lessons I learned that I hope will help you during the process dealing with friends and family during your business journey. To be around to scream at you “DON’T GIVE UP”! and to set levels with family, friends when you just might need too.

All my forms on this site are free, my advice is free and I will do my best to answer e-mails if you contact me for questions. If you like the advice on the site I welcome you and would appreciate you joining any of my websites and spreading the word of them around.

Its my goal that something I experienced and say will help you on your business odyssey and you can learn what “Never give up”! and what Lessons will be to you and your family!

John DeTitta


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